FIFA 18 coin Guide in Ultimate Team

This is a good addition that, in my opinion, may well be a substitute for the redundant offline season , which, however, does not show any change from previous editions.
Returning to the online section, matchmaking is getting more and more accurate, and I've always found myself against people with roses of my own level with FIFA 18 how to get points. Unfortunately, however, we have to say that the well-known benchmark problem remains in FIFA 18 , as well as the importance of understanding , which continues to persuade me in a subtle way. Let me explain: I play against a rose more or less than my level, of course, but this only takes account of the holder's training; It is a shame that then in the second half the opponent can put Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi IF in the field without intent(that is, without any connection with players of the same nationality or championship or out of position) who, compared with low budget defenders, will probably overpower the lot of the game alone. Fortunately it does not happen often, and therefore does not ruin the overall gaming experience. Deal with it, git gud .

What about the trip , can I go a little countercurrent? Can I candidly admit that he does not make me crazy? We start from the assumption that it was the most interesting and discussed of FIFA 18 points cheating , and that this year is a direct follow-up to Alex Hunter's story . The solfa is always that: we will play, respond to the journalists, participate in the talk shows, meet the personalities of the football world and we will also finally decide to move to a team other than the English championship. Alex Hunter's journey back with a truly monstrous graphics, helped by a great track of fifa 18 how to hack
that makes us really feel ahead of a level movie and that allows us to live the moments of a footballer even out of the field … and right here, in my opinion, is the problem.


Electronic Arts 's attempt to immerse the player is objectively successful: the cutscenes are hallucinating, the dialogues are well written, I can really shape Alex's stats as we like, customizing his dress and hairstyles. In short, we are building his personality, through the answers we give to relatives, friends, colleagues and journalists. But Alex's trip still remains , not my trip: I can not fully imagine myself in a character other than mine, which I did not create, which already has a name, a surname and an identity. So why do not I just wonder, do not just take all the spectacular outline of the Journey and put it into the player career mode , in which you can actually create a character from scratch?

Moments of nostalgia with Ferdinand.

Interesting news also in coach career , given the retouching that I personally had been waiting for for years: the chance to deal with a live transfer with fifa 18 free points help.
In fact, in this chapter, if you wanted to buy or sell a footballer, you would either send or receive an offer, and by day, by email, updates were received on the deal. All of this obviously made trading very slow.
In FIFA 18 , however, you can choose to do everything in direct contact, welcoming the attorneys at your office, and through a response wheel similar to that of the trip, deal directly with offers and counter-profits, succeeding in ending business in one turn - without risking, as it happened in the previous chapters, to throw away even weeks away and then find yourself with a fist of flies.

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